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The Commonwealth Institute is an independent, non-governmental public policy research center located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The Institute is an operating program of the Commonwealth Foundation, an unendowed nonprofit corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA.

Institute Program

  • Project for Economic Democracy (PED)

    Members and leaders from labor, faith-based and community organizing groups are exploring alternatives to corporate-dominated economics and politics. The Project for Economic Democracy seeks to nurture these developments and enlarge the discussions about alternatives to market fundamentalism and corporate dominance by drawing together different strands of ideas about the moral imperatives for a democratic economy. We bring a particular focus on weaving racial justice into all of our efforts to transform economic relations. Our partners for this program are the Grassroots Policy Project and Engaging the Powers at the Union Theological Seminary.

  • The Haiti Illumination Project (HIP), Gina Athena Ulysse, director.
    Haiti Illumination Project

    HIPís mission and primary commitment is to change how Haiti is understood, especially in popular imagination. HIP recognizes and considers representation as a force for change. To that end, we actively attempt to demystify Haiti beyond the stereotypes.

    Since the 2010 earthquake, this need could not be more acute as Haiti is continually framed in negative and socially limited terms. Knowing the meaning of symbols, HIP has been working strategically to: 1) influence popular views through performance and dissemination of information especially in the media; 2) support Haiti-based presence in venues abroad so that Haitians speak for and represent themselves. We believe being there repeatedly makes a difference. And 3) help create potential moments of engagement that will foster inspirational possibilities.

    We believe in the transformative power of inspiration which, although unquantifiable, is practically limitless. Ultimately, our aim is to forge opportunities that will contribute to illuminating Haitiís past and path.

Past Program of the Institute

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