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US aid to Somalia, counterterrorism in Horn of Africa, results and motivations of terrorism

(HTML version) by Bipasha Ray, Defense Analysis Bulletin #3, 07 March 2007.
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On the Threshold of Change: South African Defence Review reflects the continuing struggle to define a military policy for the new era

(HTML version) by Carl Conetta, Charles Knight, and Lutz Unterseher. This commentary reviews the findings of the draft South African Defence Review (SADR) — Report on Posture, released in October 1996. Although the SADR represents an important advance in the new democratic control of the South African military, it has a number of shortcomings in assessing policy objectives, design directives and force requirements and design.
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Key Issues in Current South African Defense Planning

(HTML version) by Charles Knight and Carl Conetta, PDA Briefing Memo #9, July 1996. Addresses four areas of defense policy that will have major impact on the strategic direction of South Africa and on defense budgets in the coming decade. These include: Strategic and Operational Doctrine; Regional Military Co-operation; the “Core Force”; and the Level of Technological Investment.
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Building Confidence into the Security of Southern Africa

(HTML version) by Carl Conetta, Charles Knight and Lutz Unterseher. PDA Briefing Report #7, July 1996.  This report offers guidelines for the development of co-operative regional security and specifies a South African defence posture that would support and encourage co-operation (revised November 1996). Appendix: A Confidence-Building and Affordable South African Defence in 2001.
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